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We all need a bit of help at times.

Our lives become busy and things can get on top of us. This can be a gradual process and can affect us by causing us to feel stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobias, experience poor sleep and many other symptoms which can spoil our everyday lives.

Often our negative thought processes and behaviour patterns can make these problems worse making us feel exhausted, fed up and unable to cope.

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Hypnotherapy can help with many conditions. Below is a list of the most common, but it can help with many things, so please contact me even if you don’t see what you need here.

Stress and Anxiety can be debilitating. Symptoms can range from Panic Attacks to Migraines and often present with physical problems such as IBS, hot flushes or fast heart rate. Hypnotherapy uses clinically proven methods to help you to reduce stress and anxiety and put you back in control.

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If you have a fear or phobia then you probably realise that it is out of proportion to reality. Hypnotherapy help you to reach your subconscious mind and provide techniques to challenge the fear through patterns.

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Feeling low, lacking confidence, self-worth, change in sleep pattern, overthinking, feeling of pointlessness, life not worth living. These are all symptoms where Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is proven to have a beneficial impact.

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Hypnosis can help to educate the subconscious mind about smoking. Simply by changing the way that you see and think about smoking will make it an unwanted habit and help you to take responsibility and quit smoking for good.

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Hypnotherapy can help eliminate any patterns of unhealthy eating habits which you have developed over time and helps you create new beneficial eating routines so you regain a positive enjoyment of food.

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Improve your personal performance or your sports performance. Hypnotherapy is a safe personal development tool to help you get the most of who you are and what you can achieve.

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My clients come from all walks of life and are of all ages with a variety of issues. Although I cannot guarantee outcomes, I do have a good success rate in helping people achieve their goals and reaching the outcomes they desire, be it in their personal or professional life.

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Trina really helped me to put my anxieties into perspective and stop them ruling my life. I really look forward to every session we have!

Sally Templeton

I knew my phobias were irrational and that it was something I needed to conquer and Trina gave me the methods and tools to be able to do it!

Ryan Seacrest


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